Frequently Asked Questions

Before Shoot:

Verify photoshoot location with photographer before booking. LTB Photographer will not enter private property without written or expressed permission from the owner. Photographer will not trespass onto any illegal locations.

The Photographer has a list of suggested sites for your photoshoot. If you choose location picked by Photographer you will be emailed the address of the location and any additional instructions that could assist you in finding the location on the day of the shoot.

Yes. The booking deposit is 50% of the total cost and is a nonrefundable fee that is used to secure the date and time for your photoshoot. The deposit is deducted from the total cost of your photoshoot upon booking and is transferrable to a friend or family member in the event you are no longer able to attend your photoshoot or are unable to reschedule.

Upon paying the booking deposit, Love the Brand Photography reserves the photographer and time for you on the date you selected and prevents another client from reserving the photographer for the same time. The booking deposit compensates Love the Brand Photography in the event you cancel without rescheduling or don’t show for the reserved session. The photographer spends time and money preparing for and traveling to the session, and loses business for the reserved time; therefore, a deposit is due upon booking a photoshoot.

A link for the payment will be sent to your email.

Day of the Shoot

I can meet you at any legal and accessible location or local landmark/scenic site you prefer within 80 miles round trip to Atlanta at no extra charge.   However, miles traveled over 80 miles roundtrip will be charged $.54 per mile on the final invoice. 

Do not worry. Send a text message or call the Photographer directly.  If the Photographer does not have another commitment and I can wait for you and everything will remain unchanged. Our suggestion is to arrive 10 minutes early. This a great opportunity to relax, don’t get stressed before your Photo session.

If the photographer does have another commitment is unable to stay past the scheduled time and you arrive late, the session will still end at the scheduled time.

Do not worry. A photoshoot in the rain with a nice umbrella can be artistic.  However, if I cannot guarantee our standard level due to the weather, I will reschedule the photoshoot for a different day.

Ask the photographer if the photoshoot could be extended by the amount of time you desire, if the photographer is available your session will be extended and you will be charged $45 for an additional 15 minutes, $90 for an additional 30 minutes, $145 for an additional 45 minutes and $190 for an additional 60 minutes.

There is a minimum $45.00 Session Extension Service fee for a quarter of a hour (15 minutes) extension and an additional $90.00 for each half hour (30 minutes) extension thereafter, each 30 minute extensions comes with an additional 5 photos per half hour.

You can pay the Session Extension Service fee via Cash, Cash App, Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.  There will be a 3% credit card processing fee added to the Session Extension Service fee, if paid via credit card in-person. 

– No stress… Feel free to wear what you like, the photographer doesn’t have a certain way for you to look other than what makes you comfortable.

Consider wearing clothes that complement your theme, other people in the photograph, or the surroundings. Some people wear loose fitting clothes so they are completely comfortable, and others have an intended theme that doesn’t require loose fitting clothes, it’s completely up to you, no judgement here.

Feel free to discuss your styling/vision for your photos with the photographer upon booking the location for your shoot. 

If you’re looking for something extra consider bringing your own accessories or props such as flowers, hats, books, balloons, umbrellas, bubbles, or even a bottle of wine. They could add creativity to your shoot, and they look great in photos!

A link for the payment will be sent to your email.

After Shoot

Within 7 days of the photoshoot you will receive a link to preview and select the number of photos you like based upon your package and you will receive your photos within 7 days of selecting your photos.

Email : to discuss the rate and earliest time the photos could be available

The photos are high resolution.  

Love the Brand Photography owns the copyright of the photos.  The Client (you) has the right to use the photos for personal use (non-commercial). You can print them, share them on social media and with friends / relatives. 

Yes! If the photographer has more quality shots than the minimum required by the package, we will be happy to send them to you through the gallery. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver all the photos taken during the shoot. We prefer that the efforts are concentrated on the most successful photos and work in post-production only on those. Therefore, we will avoid working on images with closed eyes, grimaces, shaken and so on.

If available additional photos could be purchased $10 per 5 photo. 

Your photos will be available for download or ordering prints for 90 days, unless you purchased one (1) year storage. 

Upon signing your contract and photo release LTB Photography reserves the right to advertise your photos.


Send inquiry

On average I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, if not no later than 48 hours.


Confirm dates & sign the contract

Deposit is 10% which secures your date, with the remainder paid one week before the photoshoot


Enjoy the shoot & get your photos later

Within 7 days you’ll get a link to a private gallery to select your photos


Final selections are edited

The photos are now available to you

Get In Touch

On average I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, if not no later than 48 hours.