My name’s Sade and...

I’ve been dabbling in photography since 2016 and I have had the opportunity to shoot in multiple cities in Minnesota, Michigan, Washington DC, Illinois, and Georgia where I currently live. 

While I am still occasionally open to traveling across state lines for a couple of photography gigs, I mostly shoot local portraits in various parks and settings in the Northern part of Atlanta (easy access to diverse everything, people, landscapes, settings) – Roswell Mill, Barrington Hall (located in Roswell), the Beltline, Piedmont Park, etc. – anywhere I can access good light, greenery, and people. I’m initially from Chicago, but I love nature and being outdoors, hence the relocation to Georgia, turns out Atlanta is a big city in a forest, so I get to access beautiful nature every time I leave my doorstep.

Random Facts about your future photographer

1. I spent 11 years as a government worker before I decided to make my hobby job.

2. I have lived in five different states in the last 7 years, and Georgia came in first place.

3. I served in the Army as a Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources Officer, Public Affairs Officer, and Liaison Officer better known outside the Army as a Project Manager.

4. I have three degrees, (nothing to do with photography!) a gazillion certificates and wide knowledge base about a lot of things ranging from finance, counseling, marketing, spirituality, business, holistic approaches to self-care and IT, and the random things people need to know but don’t know they need to know until they need to know it and if you ask me, I have so much to learn.

5. I’m a simple kind of person, I’ve recently taken up yoga, books, tea, journaling and good long walks seem to fill up my time these days.

6. I haven’t quite decided how far or long this photography thing will last, I tend to do what brings me good laughs, big smiles and good connection to people, when that’s gone,…well then I guess it’s time to find the next thing fills my heart

Back to why you’re here……I know it’s hard to choose a photographer you’ve never met. I’m guessing you have a few different tabs open now hoping to pick the cheapest photographer!

My approach

My approach to your shoot……for the most part, I am a very chill, relaxed, and understanding person. I will tailor my approach based on you and your wants. I’m not the kind of photographer who will direct you into awkward poses … unless you want to.

A lot of the photos you’ll see on this site were taken with everyone having fun and just being themselves, maybe with guidance from me on how to pose every now and then. If you usually claim to not be “a picture person” it doesn’t mean you can’t be guided into being “a picture person” or at least for the sake of your shoot. My goal at every shoot is to capture you comfortably, confidently, and as candidly possible.